The establishment and expansion of NEARMEDIC partnerships with the major international companies, the world leaders in diagnostic and laboratory business, is a challenging opportunity for the speedy introduction of emerging innovations to the Russian medical diagnostics market.

Among the NEARMEDIC partners are Abbott Diagnostics and Abbott Molecular (USA), Abbott Murex (U.K.), Applied Biosystems (USA), AES Laboratoire (France), Beckman Coulter (USA), Binax (USA), Binder (Germeny), Biocheck Gmbh (Germany), Bio Merieux (France), Celera Diagnostic (USA), Dainabot (Japan), Don Whitley Scientific (U.K.), Europrobe (France), Faster (Italy), Innogenetics (Belgium), Inverness Medical Professional Diagnostics (USA), Miele (Germany), Lab21 - former NewMarket Laboratories (U.K.), Omega Diagnostics (U.K.), Orgenics (Israel), Tecan (Switzerland), Varian (USA).

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