Kagocel® is an original antiviral medicine developed and produced by NEARMEDIC company.

Kagocel® is a new class of antiviral biotechnology: a mucosal surface acting as an inducer of interferon. Kagocel® has a unique mechanism of action and pharmacokinetics due to its polymeric structure based on active molecules with atomic linkage with cellulose. Themedicine is not absorbed from gastrointestinal tract, so it does not enter internal fluids of the body, which makes the medicine non-toxic and safe. The high efficacy of Kagocel® has been proved in numerous clinical tests for treatment and prevention of influenza and ARVI in adults and children, as well as for treatment of herpes infection (including recurrent genital herpes).

Kagocel® induces the prolonged production of endogenous alpha-, beta-, and gamma-interferon. Even a single dose of Kagocel® results in the internal circulation of therapeutic levels of induced interferon for one week, which enables recovery from flu and other ARVI or effective prevention of the infection at early stages. Preventive administration of Kagocel® may be prescribed at any time for healthy individuals at the time of viral infections approaching the epidemic level, or after the contact with the source of infection.

Kagocel® has several advantages in comparison to other medicines used for treatment and prevention of flu and ARVI: high safety profile, no side effects, high compliance of per-oral drug administration regimens. It is also worth noting that Kagocel® has direct antiviral effect even in the case of a relatively late prescription up to 4 or 5 days after the onset of the disease.

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