Nearmedic is a network of multidisciplinary centers for adults and children founded in 1996 on basis of the N.F.Gamaleya Research Institute for Epidemiology and Microbiology of Russian Medical Science Academy. Today it includes 10 multidisciplinary clinics located in various Moscow districts, in Obninsk and Ryazan. Medical centers format was specifically developed to meet patients’ demands and combines convenient and comfortable servicing infrastructure with territorial accessibility and service high quality.

Clinics function daily, including days off and holidays, rendering qualitative medical service without queues. Nearmedic clinics network comprises home visits department. You may call a doctor or a nurse for home labs sampling at any convenient time.

Nearmedic team consists of more than 600 doctors of various specialties. Some of them are highest qualification category experts or PhDs in medical sciences.

All centers have modern clinic equipment which broadens diagnostic spectrum abilities and enables to carry out manipulations and diagnostic exams such as CT, Cone Beam CT, and MRT. Nearmedic clinics perform unique surgical operations and have day patient departments.

Clinics medical base resource permits to render more than 2000 medical services and to carry out more than 1500 lab exams.

Nearmedic is a recognized expert in healthcare!

M. Aeroport, M. Polezhayevskaya
12, Aviakonstruktora Mikoyana St.
+7 (495) 6-171-171 (multiple lines)