In 2021, the Nearmedic group is to launch an original line of Matriflex branded bone substitutes

In 2021, the Nearmedic group is to launch an original line of Matriflex branded bone substitutes

Next year, it is planned to start production of a new line of Martiflex medical products for bone regeneration: Matriflex APATITE, Matriflex MATRIX, and Matriflex COLLAGEN. The production is to be launched at the site of BioPHARMAHOLDING LLC, which is part of the Nearmedic group of companies. All above products are based on the company’s original patented developments.

The effectiveness and safety of Matriflex products has been proven in pre-registration tests conducted in accordance with the best international standards and practices.

The results of those studies have recently been published in the Materials, an authoritative Swiss scientific journal.

The paper evaluates the effectiveness of bone restoration using various natural biomaterials: purified hydroxyapatite, demineralized bone matrix, and purified bone collagen. It also features comparison to the commercially available Geistlich Bio-oss medical product and bone autografts. A standard validated model of critical cranial arch defect in rats was used. Purified hydroxyapatite (Matriflex APATITE) and demineralized bovine bone matrix (Matriflex MATRIX) have been shown to have excellent recovery capabilities similar to autografts and the commercially available Geistlich Bio-oss. At the same time, purified bone collagen (Matriflex COLLAGEN) showed a higher rate of bone recovery, thus demonstrating the highest regenerative potential.

«The introduction to the market of a new domestic line of bone restoration medical products solves two important tasks. Firstly, it provides for the expanding of the application of these products in Russia, due to the high competitiveness of Matriflex products and their availability to patients and clinics. Secondly, given the high efficiency and safety of these products comparable to the best analogs, it opens up prospects for import substitution and entry into foreign markets. The most important step in this direction is reliable confirmation of the results, with the publication of preclinical and clinical research materials in highly rated international journals being one of possible options,» says Alexey Veremeev, head of the Medical Products Sector at the Nearmedic group of companies.

Currently, the first product of the line, Matriflex APATITE, which is a purified bone hydroxyapatite (HA), is already in the process of obtaining a registration certificate.


Materials is a Swiss high-ranking open access scientific journal published since 2008 and dedicated to research and development of technologies in the field of biological and artificial materials and engineering. The publication contains original research materials, scientific reviews, feedback to publications, and scientific letters. Materials journal is included in the international Scopus, WoS, and EBSCO databases.

Matriflex products are a line of bone regeneration medical products based on the technology of obtaining native non-reconstructed collagen. The line includes partially demineralized heterologous bone matrix (MATRIX), heterologous mineral bone matrix (APATITE), and heterologous bone collagen in various forms (COLLAGEN).