Kagocel's advertising campaigns become Silver Mercury Festival winners

Kagocel's advertising campaigns become Silver Mercury Festival winners

On May 28, 2020, two advertising campaigns of the Kagocel brand became winners of the XX Silver Mercury Festival of Creativity in Marketing Communications.

The first Russian antiviral online series «Ahpchoockago» was awarded bronze in the category «Best use of branded content and entertainment». The four episodes of this short-film detective series, shot in the aesthetics of Hollywood crime films of the 1950s, were released on Youtube in 2019. In the story, two inspectors of the immunity police save a city infected with a cold using an antiviral drug. The main characters in the series were played by a comedian and a million subscriber video blogger Ilya Shabelnikov (Satyr) and a well known youtube psychologist Victoria Yushkevich (Hotpsychologies).

Another bronze, but this time in the category «Best use of opinion leaders», was won by the «Kagocel #bezkompromissov» (Kagocel #withoutcompromise) project resulting from the collaboration of Kagocel and the designer Turbo Yulia. Comfortable, practical and fashionable items from a specially created collection could not be purchased, but won as prizes by participating in a competition in social networks. To do this, anyone could post a photo or a video with a story about how they had sacrificed their health in order to look stylish, and regretted it. In order to target the project at younger audience as effectively as possible, well-known bloggers were involved in working on it: model Dasha Malygina, rapper Tommy Cash and singer Katya Kishchuk, popular roofer and photographer Vitaly Raskalov and fashion photographer Nikolai Zverkov.

The key task of both projects was to create a trend among modern youth for a responsible and conscious attitude to their own health. Both projects were implemented by the marketing team of the Kagocel brand with the assistance of the Wavemaker agency.

«We strive to speak to our audience in a language they understand, make the formats of information delivery as convenient as possible, and make the content interesting, useful and inspiring. Despite the fact that special projects of the Kagocel brand are interesting to different groups of consumers, all of them are dedicated to comprehensive solutions for the prevention and treatment of ARVI and flu. We believe that this is particularly important given the current epidemiological situation in Russia and the world. Therefore, the recognition of the results of our work by the professional community is, of course, of a great pleasure and honor to us,» says Anna Dakhina, brand manager of the Nearmedic group.

Silver Mercury is one of the most prestigious awards in the field of advertising and marketing in Russia. For 20 years, its winners have included the most effective and creative advertising projects being evaluated by professionals in the field of communications and customers of advertising services. This year, the choice was made by 250 members of the jury, who participated in a two-stage selection of the overall winners and prize-holders from among 444 projects.