Kagocel to launch new creative advertising campaign

Kagocel to launch new creative advertising campaign

On October 1, a new creative advertising campaign developed by the marketing team of the antiviral brand Kagocel and Twiga creative agency will start on Russian TV and in digital media.

It is not for the first time that Kagocel’s advertising campaigns become special events in pharmaceutical marketing and enjoy recognition by experts. In May 2020, two creative projects of the brand — the Chookago antiviral online series and a collaboration with the designer Turbo Yulia Kagocel #bezkompromissov (Kagocel #withoutcompromise) — won the 20th Silver Mercury festival of creativity in marketing communications. A year earlier, an award was presented to the project When your girlfriend is sick. And in June 2020, in the midst of self-isolation, the brand launched a special project for travel enthusiasts, offering to move to top Russian locations with a series of audio performances at the KudaGo site.

But if the previous campaigns were aimed mainly at young people, in the new ad, the brand team decided to appeal to the family audience and draw attention to a large 30 tablet family package of Kagocel. This does not exclude the company’s usual ironic presentation. In the story, the fearless criminals «Flu» and «Cold» attacked the family, for which they paid dearly, receiving a harsh sentence — «Kagocel», the utmost antiviral punitive measure. The main part of the judge in the commercial was played by actor Dmitry Ulyanov, known to viewers for the series «Judge» and other notable TV projects.

«We often rely on humor to promote our brand,» said Anna Dakhina, Product Manager for Kagocel. «This is always positively perceived by consumers and will be remembered for a long time. In addition, this year we decided to continue with the „criminal“ theme that the audience loved so much after the Chookago online series. But the new ad campaign will be much bigger. We plan to cover at least 75% of our target audience core with high contact frequency by the end of the year.»

The new Kagocel commercial will be shown on federal TV channels.

Project authors

Kagocel brand marketing team:
Arkady Ivanchenko (Marketing Director), Anna Dakhina (Product Manager), Anastassia Kuzmenkova (Junior Product Manager).

TWIGA\Zdravpunkt agency team:
Olesya Filatova (Executive Director), Elena Savicheva (Creative Director), Svetlana Serebryanskaya (Client Manager), Irina Yashina (Client Manager).

TWIGA\T-16 Production team:
Gleb Orlov (Director), Igor Grinyakin (Cameraman), Vardan Martirosyan (General producer).