Nearmedic Group releases two new products of the COLLOST product line

Nearmedic Group releases two new products of the COLLOST product line

The BioPHARMAHOLDING company, a member of the Nearmedic Group, has launched new COLLOST brand products: two types of sprays that are intended for use during and after cosmetic procedures.

COLLOST Treatment Spray is responsible for preparing the skin for various cosmetic procedures, including peels, injection and hardware techniques. The composition of the spray includes gluconolactone for gentle cleansing of the skin, allantoin which has an anti-inflammatory and emollient effect, for healing and recovery, and chlorhexidine gluconate as an antiseptic.

COLLOST Post-treatment Spray contains collagen and hyaluronic acid which relieve irritation, have an anti-inflammatory effect, strengthen the natural barrier of the skin, and promote its hydration. COLLOST Post-treatment Spray can be used both to speed up recovery after a visit to a cosmetologist, and as an independent care procedure.

"We have created two universal products that contain the most useful active ingredients for the skin and accelerate the process of rehabilitation after cosmetic procedures, including those of invasive origin and affecting deep layers of the skin. I am sure that the use of sprays will make beauty and health procedures more comfortable, and it will be easier for patients to make up their minds on a trip to a cosmetologist, "says Daria Sayapina, head of the Promotion and Sales Department of BioFARMAHOLDING LLC.

The products can be purchased on the website A Cosmetologist’s Medicine Chest and the GM System company website.