The Nearmedic Group product pertaining to cellular technologies receives a registration certificate

The Nearmedic Group product pertaining to cellular technologies receives a registration certificate

On December 3, 2020, the ESVIEF stromal-vascular fraction isolation kit developed by JointechCell LLC (part of Nearmedic Group) received a registration certificate.

The ESVIEF kit has successfully passed all necessary testing, has been registered and approved for use on the territory of the Russian Federation. The registration certificate was issued by the Federal Service for Supervision of Healthcare. Several test lots of kits have already been produced at the Nearmedic Plus production site. The next stage of work on the project will be the introduction of the ESVIEF system to the Russian market.

Developed by JoinTechCell LLC, the ESVIEF system is a single-use sterile kit that consists of a device for separating cell fractions and an enzyme for processing tissue. It allows one to easily and conveniently obtain the necessary cells without losing their viability, and to immediately use them.

«The ESVIEF kit is a high-tech, reliable, safe and easy to use product. The whole procedure of working with it is standardized to the maximum. This eliminates the influence of various environmental factors on the final result, and the protocol does not require the specialist to possess any specific skills in handling cellular products. A small amount of adipose tissue is taken from the patient himself, SVF is isolated using our kit and, after isolation, the fraction is injected back into the same patient. The procedure becomes easier, does not require any bulky equipment and takes no more than two hours. The Nearmedic group works hard to ensure that all its products are convenient to use and improve the quality of life. This project is no exception,» says Maria Petkova, Director of the Nearmedic Group Project Office.

Stromal-vascular fraction (SVF) is used mainly for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system diseases. Therapy involves obtaining a regenerative fraction of cells from the patient’s adipose tissue and subsequently introducing it into the area of the pathological process, for example, in an arthrosis-affected or injured joint. The procedure is highly efficient and safe. SVF injections stimulate tissue regeneration processes, help normalize immune processes and eliminate inflammation. In addition, SVF has lately been increasingly used for the treatment and correction of tissue defects (cartilage, ligaments, soft tissues) in plastic surgery, reconstructive medicine, urology, and coloproctology.