COLLOST cosmetology

COLLOST is a natural injectable collagen, structured as close as possible to the structure of human collagen, which contributes to the restoration of the dermis by activating the collagenogenesis and improving dermal characteristics.


  • Cosmetology, dermatology, plastic surgery

Indications for use

  • Scars on the skin of the face and body (atrophic, post-traumatic, post-surgical, post-acne, striae);
  • Age-related skin changes (dermal creases, elastosis);
  • Hypotension of the skin on various parts of the neck, decollate, and the body;
  • Excess skin flap;
  • Restoration of skin after laser resurfacing, chemical peels, sun exposure, plastic surgery, as well as preparation for the above procedures.

Form release

Gel 7%, 0.1 ml
Gel 7% 0.5 ml
Gel 7% 1.0 ml
Gel 7%, 1.5 ml
Gel 15%, 1.5 ml


  • Possibility of treatment of age-related skin changes at any age;
  • Rapid effect: stimulation of endogenous collagen synthesis begins immediately after administration of the drug;
  • Possibility of use by plastic surgeons after operations;
  • Proven effectiveness and safety.
By the International Society of Aesthetic Medicine


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