COLLOST dentistry

COLLOST is a new generation sterile bioplastic collagen material with a fully preserved native structure. It is characterized by high stability and provides a matrix for guided tissue regeneration.


  • Dentistry

Indications for use

  • chronic periodontitis;
  • periodontal reconstructive surgery;
  • gingival recession;
  • removal and replantation of the tooth;
  • cystectomy;
  • restoration of congenital and acquired defects of bone and soft tissues;
  • sinus lifting;
  • implantation aggravated by bone defects.

Form release

Gel 7%
2.0 ml
0.2 g, 0.7 g
Ball 8 mm
(2 pcs./4 pcs. in a bottle)
50x5 mm
15x15x0,2 mm
30x20x0,2 mm
60x50x1.5 mm


  • Combinable with antiseptics and antibiotics;
  • High strength and stability;
  • Pronounced conductive properties;
  • Effective for all types of periodontal defects;
  • No complex equipment or expensive materials required;
  • Affordable pricing in comparison to foreign analogs.
by the Dental Association of Russia
Production technology was awarded the Grand Gold Medal in the field of medicine at the XXIII International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva (Switzerland)


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