KAGOCEL is a broad-spectrum antiviral used for the prevention and treatment of colds and flu, as well as for the treatment of herpes in adults. KAGOCEL stimulates the synthesis of proteins that are harmful to viruses-interferons of types I and II. Taking the drug helps to relieve unpleasant symptoms and speed up recovery. The unique advantage of the drug is the possibility of commencing therapy for any ARVI at a later stage, up to the 4th day after the first symptoms. For the treatment of herpes, KAGOCEL can be used both independently and in combination with other antiherpetic drugs, which enhances the therapeutic effect.

Application areas

  • Broad-spectrum antiviral drug used for the prevention and treatment of colds and flu in children from 3 years of age and in adults, as well as for treatment of herpes in adults.


  • Prophylactics and treatment of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza in adults and children from 3 years of age, treatment of herpes in adults.

Form release

KAGOCEL 12 mg 10 tablets
KAGOCEL 12 mg 20 tablets
KAGOCEL 12 mg 30 tablets


  • Efficient prevention and treatment of any ARVI, including influenza, in adults and children from 3 years of age.
  • KAGOCEL works at the start of ARVI therapy from the first symptoms as well as at the late start of treatment up to the 4th day from the onset of the disease.
  • Significantly accelerates recovery: the very first 24-36 hours after beginning taking the drug show the temperature going down, relieving intoxication syndrome, and a decrease in inflammatory changes.
  • KAGOCEL is suitable for both routine and emergency prevention of ARVI, for example, after contact with a sick person.
  • KAGOCEL has a reliable security profile.
  • It is included in treatment standards and guidelines.




KAGOCEL in the therapy of influenza and acute respiratory viral infections: preclinical and clinical research data analysis and systematization T.V. Sologub, V.V. Tsvetkov The article was published in the Therapeutic Archive journal, No.08, 2017 Preclinical and Clinical Evidence of Safety of Antiviral Drug with Immunomodulatory Activity Tatiana Gennadievna Borovskaya Treatment of Influenza in Routine Clinical Practice (FLU-EE)


The efficacy and safety of KAGOCEL has been proved in numerous studies involving a total of more than 22,000 patients aged 3 to 93 years. In November 2016, NEARMEDIC presented the results of a unique post-registration study of the antiviral drug KAGOCEL as part of the international project "Treatment of SARS and influenza in routine clinical practice". The project was carried out in collaboration with the International Society of Internal Medicine and in cooperation with the Eurasian Society of Infectious Diseases and the First Sechenov Moscow State Medical University. The data obtained in the course of that study is unprecedented in its scale. The project involved 262 medical centers from Russia, Moldova, Armenia, and Georgia, and more than 18,000 patients aged 18 to 93 years with an established diagnosis of ARVI and influenza. Primary care specialists, internists, family doctors, and general practitioners became research physicians for that research.

The ClinicalTrials.gov international database of clinical trials contains the results of five studies of the drug KAGOCEL:

  • Observational study "Antiviral therapy of ARVI and influenza in children in hospital settings" (Treatment of Influenza and ARVI in Children by KAGOCEL) was conducted in 2015-2016.
  • "Combined antiviral therapy in patients with severe herpes simplex: clinical and immunological features and quality of life assessment" (Study of the Efficacy and Safety of Combined Treatment of Patients With Severe Herpes Simplex (HSV) Infection by Valacyclovir and Interferon Inducer KAGOCEL).
  • FLU-EE cohort international observational study "Treatment for acute respiratory viral infection and influenza in daily clinical practice".
  • The study "Clinical and epidemiological effectiveness of the late interferon inducer in the prevention of ARVI and influenza in the pre-epidemic period of 2017-2018" (KAGOCEL for the Prevention of ARVI and Influenza in Adults Health Care Workers), conducted in the epidemiological season of 2017.
  • The 2018 study "Evaluation of the preventive effect of the late interferon inducer on acute respiratory viral infections in young people" (KAGOCEL for the Prevention of ARVI and Influenza in Young People).


The priority for Niarmedic Group is the safety and efficiency of its products. Its pharmacovigilance activities are focused on recording the following:

  • suspected adverse reactions;
  • lack of efficiency;
  • drug dependence;
  • pregnancy and breast-feeding while taking the drug;
  • improper use and errors related to prescribing, dosing, and self-medication;
  • usage not according to indications;
  • overdose.

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