BioPHARMAHOLDING Ltd. COLLOST bioplastic material production

At this site, Nearmedic produces purified collagen and COLLOST medical material in various forms (gels, membranes, powders, pellets, garrots) designed for filling bone defects, for soft tissues contour plasty and for covering non-infected wound surfaces. Raw material (cattle skin) for sterile collagen absorbable material production is thoroughly selected as per specification and is acquired only in areas free from any cattle disease. Special-purpose derma is produced by RF leading tanneries. Each production process is under compulsory control of BioPHARMAHOLDING Ltd. personnel. The company plans to construct its own skin working site for special-purpose derma production conforming to ISO 13485 standards.

A new facility for the production of COLLOST — the Gel Production and Packaging Site — complying with GMP and ISO requirements was launched in March, 2015. The site area comprises 50 m2 of class C and D spaces with some zones meeting class A requirements, and has modern technological equipment. Since August 2015, gels are produced at an IKA homogenizing station.